The Provincial
of the
SA Assoc

The Public Meeting at Exeter Hall
June 30th 1834

Part of the Poster advertising the historic meeting

This meeting was organised by the founding members of The South Australian Association, formed on the 27th November 1833.

The purpose of the meeting was to advise the public of the principles, objects, plan and prospects of the New Colony.

...It was proposed to make the colony independent, from the first, of the mother country. This the Right Hon. Gentleman declined to do; and the consequence was, that we were obliged to modify the plan to meet his views. Therefore it is that the measure appears before you in its present shape; but it still has my cordial approbation and concurrence, because the Commissioners are to be only temporary, and after a time the government of the new nation is to be confided to the inhabitants themselves (hear, hear!)
(Extract from The Morning Chronicle report
D. Wakefield's speech at Exeter Hall)

About 2,500 people, including many members of Parliament, attended the meeting. The novel principles of the land and emigration scheme and the proposed unique system of self-government were discussed by the many speakers from the dais and from the floor of the hall. The meeting concluded at 6.00pm.

The Provisional Committee of
The South Australian Association

Aubrey Beauclerk, esq. M.P. Rowland Hill, esq. G. Poulett Scrope, esq. M.P.
Abraham Borradaile, esq Matthew D. Hill, esq. M.P. Dr. Southwood Smith
Charles Buller, esq. M.P. William Hutt, esq. M.P. Edward Strutt, esq. M.P.
Henry L. Bulwer, esq M.P. John Melville, esq. Colonel Torrens, M.P.
J. Wallbanke Childers esq. M.P. Samuel Mills, Esq. Daniel Wakefield, Jun. esq.
William Clay, esq. M.P. Sir William Molesworth,
Bart. MP
Henry Warburton, esq. M.P.
Raikes Currie, esq. Hen. Geo. Ward, esq. M.P.
William Gowan, esq. Jacob Montefiore, esq. John Wilks, esq. M.P.
George Grote, esq. M.P. George Ward Norman, esq. Joseph Wilson, esq.
Benjamin Hawes, esq. M.P. Richard Norman esq. John Ashton Yates, esq.
George Grote, Esq.
Jos. Parkes, Esq.
Robt. Gouger, Esq.
Offices, 7, JOHN STREET, ADELPHI, where every Information concerning the New Colony may be obtained.
(Truscott, Printer, 166 Blackfriars Road)

All of the above gentlemen had contributed £10 (equivalent to 20 weeks wages for the average worker), towards the establishment costs of the Association.

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