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SA events in bold type

Federation Timeline

1788 Feb 7 NSW proclaimed (a British penal settlement)

1791 Vancouver lands WA

1802 Apr 7 Flinders & Baudin mapping the SA coast meet at (Encounter Bay). France & Britain at war with one another at the time

1803 Jeremy Bentham ( a founder of SA), published a pamphlet titled A Plea for the Constitution of NSW in which he maintained that Agents of the Crown had illegally assumed power over British subjects without authority from Parliament

1823 Jul 19 NSW Judicature Act receives Royal assent, enabling the establishment of a nominated Legislative Council, a Supreme Court with full independence, courts of quarter sessions, the appointment of a Chief Justice to replace the Judge-Advocate and Supreme Court judge, and trial by jury in civil cases under certain conditions.

1826 Mar 9 Letters Patent issued in London to form a Church and School Corporation, giving the Anglican Church the status of an established religion in NSW with the right to vast areas of Crown land and control of the school system.
Dec 25 Lockyer, soldiers and convicts take possession for the British at Albany (King George Sound) WA

1829 WA Swan River Settlement is the first instance of a 'settled colony' being directly constituted by Parliament

1829 Jun 18 WA proclaimed
Aug 12 Perth Site established
The National Colonization Society formed by Robert Gouger and William Hutt MP to assist paupers to emigrate to the Colonies

1830 Nov 1 WA separate Crown Colony with Legislative Council (*not elected)

1831 Mar 7 King George Sound settlement transferred from NSW to WA
Apr 13 Barker arrives Gulf St. Vincent in Isabella
Apr 19 Barker climbs Mt. Lofty (sees the site of 'Pt. Adelaide')
Apr 30 Barker killed at Lake Alexandrina

May Gouger and Bacon prepare a manuscript for establishing a colony in southern Australia
Aug 1 NSW Free Land Grants discontinued, sale by Auction - minimum 5/- an acre & Tas June 1831 & WA Jan 1832 (Prime Minister Earl Grey and Lord Goderich set this price from the recommendations of the National Colonization Society of 1830 i.e., on the advice of the founders of South Australia)
Oct 31 Proposed Charter of a Colony at Spencer Gulph by The South Australian Land Co published in The Spectator

1832 Feb 7 WA Legislative Council and Executive Council 1st meeting
Aug 12 WA Governor Stirling to England with WA's problems

1833 Feb 4 NSW Anglican monopoly ended
June - Henty explores Port Lincoln
Nov 27 Robert Gouger forms The South Australian Association (first draft of the Assoc. dated 22nd June 1833)
Dec 12 Gouger & Grote set up a subscription to obtain a colonial library. Hanson appointed manager of The SA Literary Soc - 10 founding members

1834 Feb 21 Draft (by Gouger) & The SA Assoc -Proposed Georgian Charter Colony (i.e. a republic) to Colonial Secretary Stanley - turned down
Mar 21 Modified Draft (by Gouger) - Act To Authorize His Majesty to Frame Laws & to Appoint Officers for South Australia (basis of The Foundation Act of SA)
Jun 30 Historic Public Meeting at Exeter Hall to explain the New Colony of SA

1834 Aug 15 *FOUNDATION ACT Province of SA receives Royal Assent - second Australian 'settled colony' constituted by Parliament

1835 Feb 8 Board of Commissioners appointed (Torrens as Chair)
May 28 Captain John Hindmarsh appointed first Governor of SA (enacted 28-12-1836)

1836 Jan 22 The South Australian Company constituted

1836 Feb 19 South Australia Day
SA Foundation Act of 1834 Enacted (financial conditions met)
Province erected and established by "Letters Patent" issued by
King William IV
- Click FOUNDATION ACT Link above

Jul 27 First settlers arrive Kangaroo Island on the Duke of York
Aug 20 Colonel William Light, The Surveyor General arrives at Kangaroo Island in the Rapid
Oct 3 Colonel Light lands at the mouth of the Patawalonga Creek - finds fresh water supply in the nearby lagoons
Nov 6 River Yatala (River Torrens) discovered by Kingston and Morphett's party
Nov 8 Gouger, Colonial Secretary & Chief Magistrate arrives at Holdfast Bay on the Africaine with John Brown The Emigration Officer. Erects his tent, and starts to build his hut on Nov 19th near the 'Old Gum Tree'
Nov 24 Light decides the general location of the capital city
Dec 1 William Williams meets the first Aborigines of The Adelaide Tribes - brings them to the settlement at Holdfast Bay, i.e. to Gouger's camp at the 'Old Gum Tree'
Dec 22 Tam O'Shanter and the Rapid, first ships to enter Light's harbour (Pt. Adelaide)
Dec 24 The Buffalo lands at Pt. Lincoln

(Immigration Officer John Brown appointed by the Foundation Act of SA 1834 - Under his instructions, he was to act as 'protector to the emigrant labourers' and 'at all times give them employment on the Government work'... This concept of 'work for the dole', was first applied to 'Keepers of The Park Lands')

1836 Dec 28* South Australia's Own LAWS commence
Governor Hindmarsh & Resident Commissioner Fisher arrive in the Buffalo - Oaths issued by Gouger (Resident Magistrate & Colonial Secretary), Council Constituted, Government Inaugurated, Officers officially appointed; Governor's Commission read - 1st Proclamation (announcing the 'Establishment of Government') read out, celebrations etc. (This series of events was referred to as 'Proclaiming the Province').
The First Seat of Govt. in SA remained at Holdfast Bay (The Old Gum Tree) until mid-March 1837

Dec 30 Light advises Hindmarsh of his Adelaide site
Dec 31 Holdfast Bay settlement is re-named Glenelg

1837 Jan 11 to Mar 10 Light surveys the city of Adelaide and lays out the Park Lands and race course
Jan 14 First printing press operational - north bend of Patawalonga
Jan 16th First 50 copies printed of the 'Proclamation Establishment of Government in SA'
Feb 10 Light's choice of the capital site confirmed by a public meeting of landholders held at Holdfast Bay historic landing site (direct democracy in action)
Mar 1 Bonney leaves NSW with sheep for SA
Mar 15 Adelaide Park Lands 'set apart & dedicated for the use and recreation of the citizens' by Colonel Light (in pursuance of his instructions)
Mar 27 First Land Sales in Adelaide
Apr - Marines from the Buffalo build the first Govt. House on North Terrace
May 13 First Grand & Petit Jury sworn in. SA is the first colony to adopt the full right and privileges of the British Constitutional system of 'trial by jury'. First case brought against white men stealing from Aborigines.
May 25 Hindmarsh finally proclaims Pt. Adelaide as a legal port

Jun Queen Victoria (aged 18 yrs) succeeds to the throne on the death of King William
Jun 1 First Government contract to assemble 2 mud barges in the Patawalonga for use at Pt. Adelaide
Jun 3 The SA Gazette & Colonial Register printed (Hindley St) 2nd edition
Jul 31 Petition from Gouger, Light & others for a second newspaper The South Australian, to represent the views of the Commissioners
Aug 21 Hindmarsh suspends Gouger (for fight with Gilles, The Treasurer)

1838 Jan 31 NSW appoint Protector of Aborigines. (SA Protector secured under the Foundation Act by the influence of the Quakers - appointed 1837)
Apr - Hawdon & Bonney arrive in Adelaide with first overland stock from NSW
Jun 22 Light resigns as Surveyor General
Jul 12 Eyre arrives with stock from NSW
Jul 14 Hindmarsh leaves Adelaide, recalled
Aug 28 Sturt arrives Adelaide overland with 300 cattle from NSW
Sep 1 Commissioners instructions to Fisher to secure the purchase of the Park Lands. (By the time this instruction had been received, Fisher had been replaced as Resident Commissioner by Gawler)
Oct 12 Governor Gawler arrives - sworn in 17th - * replaces Fisher as Resident Commissioner (* separation of powers ended)
Nov 18 200 Germans led by Pastor Kavel (escaping from religious persecution in their own country), arrive in SA (first 'naturalized British subjects' (by petition) immigrants to land in SA
Dec 31 John Reynell plants the first vineyard
Trinity Church built - Theatre Royal Playhouse - Natural History Soc started etc

1839 Jan 1 First horse races in Adelaide
Jan 17 *NSW minimum price of Crown Land increased from 5/- to *12/- minimum an acre (* as a direct result of The Foundation Act of SA - price determined by the cost of passage of 4 free labouring emigrants needed to make productive a 100 acres)
Feb 8 Finke, Gilles syndicate win the ballot for Glenelg, SA's first Secondary Town
Mar 19 Port Lincoln begins as a town
Apr 16 West Terrace Cemetery 32 acres purchased by Governor Gawler as part of the Park Lands
May 1 Eyre explores north discovers Lake Torrens

Jun 15 NSW extends boundaries in NZ
Jun 20 Newland and party settle Victor Harbor
Aug 1 Eyre explores Eyre Peninsula
Oct 6 Colonel Light dies in his cottage at Theberton from tuberculosis (aged 53)

Oct 27 NSW first shipload of assisted immigrants arrive.
Kingston starts building Govt. house (No. 2) North Terrace
Nov Catherine Helen Spence (aged 14 yrs) arrives on the Palmyra
Dec 13 Gouger, Jackson & Hall save the Adelaide "Park Lands"
Dec 23 A School for Aboriginal children opened in Adelaide

1840 January 14 The SA Land Commissioners are dissolved by Lord John Russell and replaced by 3 Land & Emigration Commissioners, whose powers are extended over the sale of the waste lands of the Crown throughout the British Colonies and for applying the proceeds to emigration. Col. Torrens continued as Chairman. (see Russell's first legislation 1842 June 22nd)
May 5 Melbourne public meeting held to petition for separation from NSW
May 22 NSW transportation abolished from Aug 1st
May 25 NSW Charles Buller presented a petition to the House of Commons from NSW NOT to abolish transportation for 5 years
Sir William Molesworth (of the SA Soc - see June 19) presented a petition signed by inhabitants of London praying for the total abolition of transportation and that the funds derived from the sales of waste lands in NSW and Tas should promote extensive emigration to those colonies.
Jun 18 Eyre explores north - Maria massacre
Jun 19 SA The SA Society formed in England - objects are to promote the two principles of the original SA Act (1) no land to be disposed of less than 12/- an acre (2) whole of proceeds to convey poor emigrants to SA
July 10 NZ - French convict settlement in NZ ceded by native chiefs
Aug 14 Eyre discovers Lake Eyre
Aug 19 *Adelaide Incorporated as Australia's first Municipality
Oct 14 Road to Pt. Adelaide completed (by the SA Co)
Oct 31 *Adelaide Municipal Elections held (*Australia's first) - first use of 'proportional representation' to elect members. Fisher (1st Resident Commissioner, elected first Mayor). (Principals for Self Government established by the Foundation Act of 1834). (System of Local Govt. suggested by the SA Association 1835)
Dec 28 Anniversary of the establishment of SA, first public holiday declared by Gouger & Sturt

1841 Feb 14 Tolmer and the Police pursue the French ship Ville De Bordeaux for evasion of Customs regulations Glenelg & Pt. Adelaide (French British diplomatic incident)
Feb 25 Eyre explores to Western Australia

Mar 18 WA - Australind Colony floated -Captain Stokes in the Beagle visits SA
May 3 NZ Proclaimed a Colony independent of NSW from Jul 1
May 15 Grey replaces Gawler as Governor
Jul 1 NSW Assignment of convict labour ends. NSW Bounty system of assisted immigration suspended
Aug 12 Newspapers & periodicals received in SA delivered free of charge
Dec 11 Glen Osmond Silver Lead mine discovered

WA - legislation passed allowing Aborigines to give evidence (SA did not pass until 1844)
Dec 23 An Act For The Denization (Naturalisation) of Aliens - Preamble recites the expediency of encouraging respectable Foreigners to settle in the Province of SA

1842 *First (Federative) Act
By the Act (5 & 6 Vict.) boundaries were established between WA, SA and NSW under Parliamentary sanction

1842 Jun 22 *Imperial Waste Lands Act increases the minimum price of land in all the Australian colonies to 1 acre - half the proceeds to be used to encourage migration. (*Wakefield, Torrens & Hutt's plan from the SA Foundation Act of 1834, was to be half adopted in the other colonies i.e. NSW WA & Tas)

Aug 12 NSW Melbourne officially incorporated as a town
Nov 1 NSW - Sydney election for first council - first popular elections
Dec 1 Melbourne first Municipal Council elected
1843 Jun 15 NSW first election Legislative Council
Sep 10 SA Legislative Council meets for the first time
Nov 14 Ridley (or Bull) invents the stripper

1844 Aug 15 Sturt from Adelaide exploration to the Inland Sea
Sep 20 Norfolk Island annexed to Tasmania from NSW
Nov 28 Melbourne public meeting to separate from NSW - petition to England
1846 Mar 5 Governor Robe imposes Royalty in SA on minerals
May Convicts to Tasmania suspended for 2 years
Jul 21 Adelaide public meeting opposes State Aid to Religion
Aug 4 Robert Gouger dies in Norwood in England (aged 44) - pension denied

Oct 22 NSW proposed resumption of transportation
1847 NSW/TAS Abolition of Transportation - * petition to Queen Victoria
1848 Aug 2 Governor Young replaces Robe
Sep 4 British Govt revokes Order-In-Council abolishing transportation to NSW
Sep 4 SA Destitute Board established for the welfare of immigrants 1849 Feb 11 Melbourne - first German migrants arrive (SA 1838)
Feb 23 WA public meeting Perth request that WA be converted to a penal settlement to aid the flagging state of the Colony
Mar 23 Melbourne/Sydney mass meetings oppose re- introduction of transportation.
Caroline Chisholm establishes the Family Colonization Loan Soc in London to help families migrate to Australia
1850 Jun WA transportation of convicts begins
Aug 5 Australian Colonies Government Act receives Royal assent - provides for the separation of NSW & Pt Phillip district (Victoria) & for the eventual *self-government of the Australian colonies. (*SA had this right under the Foundation Act of 1834)

1851 Jan Imperial Act (Constitution) Enabling Self-Government in SA arrived on the Ascendant at Pt Adelaide escorted by George Fife Angas who had followed its progress through the British Parliament (Act temporarily lost in the laundry bag of the ship)

Jan 2 Fitzroy appointed Governor General of the Australian Colonies
May 15 Gold rush to Ophir goldfields in NSW begins
May 22 NSW Proclamation issued declaring all gold found on private or Crown Land to be the property of the Crown - licence to dig required
Jul 1 Port Phillip district officially becomes the Colony of Victoria
Aug 20 SA new Legislative Council with 16 of 24 members elected first meeting
Oct 24 Tasmania election for Legislative Council
1852 Nov 24 Transportation to eastern Aust. ends with the dispatch of the last convict ship to Tasmania
Dec 9 'Adelaide sovereigns' - gold pound tokens minted by the Adel Assay Office in the Treasury Building - first gold coins issued in Aust
Dec 15 Colonial Sec. Sir John Pakington authorizes NSW Vic SA & Tas to draft new separate constitutions providing for an elected lower house and a nominated upper house
1853 Act allowing Self-Government for SA disallowed by Queen Victoria
Jul 28 NSW Wentworth's select commission recommends upper house of colonial peerage
Aug 15 Cadell navigates a steamer up the River Murray from Goolwa to Swan Hill
1854 May 18 SA Horse-drawn railway opened between Goolwa and Pt Elliott
Nov 30 to Dec 3 Vic Eureka Stockade - martial law proclaimed - revoked 9th

1855 Act providing for Self-Govt of SA passed British Parliament

May 1 Tas Constitution Act assented to
Jun 8 Sir R.G. MacDonnell becomes Governor of SA (See his articles in RGSSA Proc 18 53,72 'On Australian Federation' & 'Friction With the Victorian Govt')
Vic Chinese Immigration Restriction Act imposes tax of 10 per head on landing in Victoria
Aug 23 The Municipality of Glenelg Proclaimed (First meeting St. Leonards Hotel 10th Dec 1855)
Oct 24 Tas Constitution Act granting responsible government proclaimed
Nov 23 Vic Constitution Act proclaimed
Nov 24 NSW Constitution Act proclaimed (WA * 1890)
1856 Jan 1 Tasmania officially adopted in place of Van Diemen's Land
Apr 2 SA voting by secret ballot becomes law in SA
Apr 19 SA first steam railway Adel to Pt. Adelaide opens

Jun 6 NSW first ministry under responsible govt. appointed
Jun 24 Norfolk Island separates from Tasmania and comes under the NSW governor

1856 Oct 24 SA Constitution Act proclaimed, first ministry appointed. SA leads the world with the granting of adult male suffrage; constitution also provides for triennial parliaments, no property qualifications for lower house members, and no plural voting

Nov 1 Tas first ministry under responsible government appointed
Chinese begin to land in SA and walk overland to Vic to circumvent migration regulations
1857 Mar 9 BT Finniss becomes first SA Premier under SA's first elections under responsible government - resigns Aug 21
Apr 22 SA's first Parliamentary meeting under the SA Constitution Act appoint a Select Committee of the House of Assembly to report on Federating the Colonies

Jun 16 Duffy 's Vic select committee to inquire into federation of the Aust colonies
Nov 19 SA imposes a head tax of 10 on Chinese arrivals
Dec 28 John Hector conveys the land on which the 'Old Gum Tree' stands to the Glenelg Council to preserve the tree in trust for the people of SA for the sum of 10/-. Reaching Majority (Province 21 years old), and Responsible Government celebrations held on (Wigley) Reserve in front of the Government Cottage. Marquees and sports planned. Fisher (1st Resident Commissioner - Buffalo 1836), guest speaker. Two carronade cannons from the Buffalo (1836 landing), restored and fired for the last time

Dec 28 Governor Macdonnell supposed to unveil plaque at Old Gum Tree. Day totally washed out by downpour. Plaque wording on the tree disputed by those there in 1836. This was the first of what is now known as The Proclamation Day Ceremonies held annually at the Old Gum Tree

1858 May First Agent-General in London appointed - GS Walters from SA

1858 Jul 2 Torrens (RR), System of Land Conveyancing and Registration (The Real Property Act) comes into operation in SA (adopted Qld.1861, NSW, Vic,Tas, in 1862, WA 1874) (and progressively around the world)

July 21 First intercolonial telegraph line officially opened Adelaide to Melbourne
Oct 29 Sydney linked by telegraph with Melbourne & thus with Adelaide
1859 Dec 10 Queensland proclaimed a colony separate from NSW
1860 Apr 22 Stuart reaches the centre of the continent - names Central Mt. Sturt
Sep 18 Vic - Nicholson Land Act passed (free selection after survey)
1861 Catherine Helen Spence writes a pamphlet titled A Plea For Pure Democracy
Oct 18 NSW Legislation passed Robertson Land Act providing for free selection before survey - from 1 Jan 1862
Nov 27 NSW Act restricting Chinese immigration becomes law
Dec 10 Western boundary of SA extended to coincide with eastern boundary of WA i.e. 129th meridian (Legislation passed 22 July)
1862 Jul 24 Stuart's party reach Chambers Bay having crossed the continent. (This expedition opened a practical overland trade route to the north coast and to Asia)
1863 May 7 Governor MacDonnell speech in Dublin - 'Australia, What It Is, and What It Maybe'
Jul 6 NT(then part of NSW) annexed to SA
1864 Apr 29 BT Finniss, SA Govt Resident for the NT (*1st Premier SA under responsible govt., - surveyor with Colonel Light on the Rapid 1836), sails to the Northern Territory to establish a settlement at Escape Cliffs (see 1867)
1865 Oct 23 John Hart replaces Ayers as Premier of SA (Hart landed on the 'Adelaide' plains in 1833)
Colonial Naval Defence Act provides for the maintenance by the separate colonies of their own naval forces
1867 Jan 11 NT Escape Cliffs settlement abandoned
Mar 4 Intercolonial Conference Melb to decide to adopt a common postal service. Parkes makes a speech advocating federation - Federal Council called for
1868 Jan 10 WA Last convicts transported to Aust arrive Fremantle WA
Dec 28 Goyder, Surveyor General of SA sent to the NT to found a new settlement
1869 Catherine Helen Spence (aged 44), writes a 120 page book for school children on Citizenship and Laws - 'The Laws We Live Under'

1870 All British troops withdrawn from Australia (none in SA)
Sep 15 Overland Telegraph Line commenced, superintended by Charles Todd of SA (built & paid for by SA)
Dec 5 WA's first elected legislative Council meets for first time
Dec 29 Vic - Legislation passed in Vic to pay MP's
1871 Nov 9 Submarine cable from Java reaches Darwin - first message Nov 20
1875 Nov 16 Wigley Reserve at Glenelg (8 acres) gazetted. Held in Trust by The Glenelg Corp to be used at all times for the recreation and amusement of the inhabitants
1877 Aug 20 Qld imposes a 10 poll tax on Chinese immigrants
1881 Dec 13 Intercolonial conference meets in Sydney to introduce uniform legislation to restrict Chinese immigration. (Qld, NSW, Vic, SA pass acts)
1883 Nov 28 Intercolonial conference Sydney calls for the creation of a Federal Council of Australasia
1884 Nov 14 Land and income taxes introduced in SA (Provision for Land Tax established in Foundation Act of SA 1834)
1886 Jan 25 Federal Council of Australasia holds first meeting in Hobart
Mar Convict establishment in WA disbanded
1887 Apr 4 First Colonial Conference held in London
Dec 20 Australasian Naval Defence Act passed in UK provides for auxiliary naval squadron, partly maintained by the colonies
1888 Mar 1 Fifth Intercolonial Trade Union Congress, Brisbane demands legislation to restrict Chinese immigration & Jun 12 Sydney
1890 Oct 21 WA Constitution Act Proclaimed granting responsible govt.
1891 Mar 2 First National Australasian Convention held Sydney, drafts a federal constitution
1894 Dec 21 SA enacts legislation to establish statutory authority to conciliate in disputes between employers and employees

1894 Dec 21 SA first Australian colony to grant women the vote and The First in the World to allow women to stand for Parliament

Jan 29 Premiers' Conference Hobart to discuss federation calls for a convention of 10 representatives from each colony to frame a federal constitution, which would then be put to a plebiscite
Dec 20 SA enacts federal enabling legislation as does NSW on 23rd
1896 Children's Courts introduced in SA - world first
Jan 10 Federation enabling legislation passed in Tas
Mar 4 Premiers' Cf agrees that colonies should amend anti-Chinese legislation to restrict immigration of all coloured races
Apr 25 Women vote for the first time in an Australian parliamentary election - for the SA Legislative Assembly (Foundation Act of 1834 - Equal number of the sexes)
Nov 17-21 People's Federal Convention held in Bathurst NSW
1897 Mar 4 Election of representatives for the Federal Convention NSW, Vic, Tas & SA (WA's reps. chosen by parliament)
Catherine Helen Spence runs as a candidate - the first woman in Australia to run for a political appointment - she received 7,500 votes
Mar 22 Federal Convention meets in Adelaide to 23 April
Sep 2 Federal Conv reassembles in Sydney to consider amendments to the draft constitution bill
1898 Jan 20 Federal Convention meets in Melb.for the third and final session-draft constitution approved
Jun 3 Referendums held in NSW, Vic, Tas (SA on 4th) to decide on the draft federal constitution. All colonies vote in favour of acceptance, but NSW's vote falls short of the statutory minimum required. (WA referendum voted 'yes' on 31 July 1900)
1899 Jan 29 Premiers of all six colonies meet to discuss amendments to the Constitution Bill to make it acceptable to NSW and Qld
Apr 29 SA begins the second round of referendums on federation: 65,900 vote in favour; 17,053 against (Total pop. 359,298 - electors 138,000)
Jun 20 NSW holds its second referendum and gains the required number of votes
Jul 27 Referendums on federation held in Vic and Tas
Sep 2 Qld holds its first referendum on federation
Nov 14 NSW Govt appoints a royal commission to investigate sites for a national capital
1900 Jul 9 Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act, passed by the British parliament, receives royal assent
Jul 31 Yes vote in WA referendum
Sep 17 Queen Victoria proclaims that on and after 1 Jan. 1901 the six colonies "shall be united in a Federal Commonwealth under the name of the Commonwealth of Australia"

1901 Jan 1 Commonwealth of Australia proclaimed at a ceremony in Centennial Park, Sydney. Lord Hopetoun assumes office as Governor-General, and Prime Minister Edmund Barton and his cabinet ministers (Executive Council) are sworn in

Jan 22 Queen Victoria dies (aged 82) - Proclaimed Queen June 1837
Sep 3 Australian flag chosen by competition from 30,000 designs displayed at the Exhibition Building in Melbourne. (Gazzetted officially in 1903; status and dimensions officially established by act of parliament on 20 Nov.1953).

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