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History of Adelaide Through Street Names

Streets Named on the 23rd May, 1837

Wakefield Street I14
It will come as a surprise to most people to learn that this street is named after Daniel Wakefield and not his more widely known brother Edward Gibbon Wakefield. Both of the brothers fell out with Gouger in June 1835 over the price of land in South Australia. Their influence from then on was concentrated on the foundation of New Zealand.
Daniel Wakefield, a barrister, drafted the Act of Parliament which founded South Australia. "Dodo," as he was known in the family circle expected to obtain the appointment of judge in Adelaide, however the suggestion was universally disliked.
The brothers migrated to New Zealand and never saw South Australia. Daniel became Attorney-General of Wellington, and was afterwards appointed a judge. He resigned from the bench in consequence of his brother's opposition to Governor Grey's policy.

Ward Street I5
Named after Henry George Ward MP a member of the Provisional Committee of The South Australian Association June 1834. Ward had been a member of the SA Land Company delegation to Goderich in Febrary of that same year. He remained one of South Australia's strongest supporters in Parliament although he refused to act as a SA Commissioner in January 1835 on the change of ministry. Ward also supported the SA School Society formed in London in June 1840 and local government for SA in the House of Commons.

Waymouth Street D13
Henry Waymouth was a financial backer and Director of the SA Company formed in January 1836. He joined the SA Society in 1841 and was part of the delegation to secure a loan of 124,000 on the security of the public lands. All of South Australia's debts were written off by a Special Act of Parliament on the 30th June 1842.

Wright Street D16
John Wright, another financier, was appointed a Commissioner of SA in May 1835. He had earlier been involved in securing a loan of 20,000 as part of the financial conditions of the Foundation Act of SA. Once these loans had been secured and the preliminary amounts of land pre-sold, the Act received Royal assent on the 19th February 1836.

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